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VCUANTH 103AllWinter

ANTH 103 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: E-Selectin, Microevolution, Chromosomal Rearrangement

OC31374612 Page
Know the key dimensions of charles darwin"s and alfred russel wallace"s theory of evolution by natural selection. Consider the influence of the geologi
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VCUANTH 103christopherbrooksSpring

ANTH 103 Chapter 1: Anthropology Lab 1 Reading Notes- Key information

OC153875613 Page
Anthropology, is the study of humans around the world and through time. Anthropology is a uniquely comparative and holistic science. Holism refers to t
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VCUANTH 103HarringtonFall

ANTH 103 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Thick Description, Primatology, Human Genetics

OC14458222 Page
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