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VCUMASC 151Vivian C Medina- MessnerSpring

MASC 151 Chapter 6: Chapter 6 - Internet: The Evolving Frontier

OC15378334 Page
22 Feb 2017
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VCUINFO 360Amita ChinSpring

INFO 360 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Telepresence, Videotelephony, Social Software

OC144756310 Page
31 Jan 2017
Business challenges: outdated static technology, geographically dispersed workforce. People: develop knowledge-sharing strategy and goals, organization
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VCUSCMA 323HaynesSpring

SCMA 323 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Estoppel, Gie

OC14475632 Page
17 Feb 2017
Something of legal value given in exchange for the a promise. Necessary for the existence of a contract. Elements: something of legal value must be giv
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VCUGSWS 201MorosFall

GSWS 201 Chapter Notes - Chapter All: Stereotype, Structural Violence, Stoicism

OC17146159 Page
2 May 2017
Gynecology - started with white men using slaves for testing similar to using men to test std (henrietta lacks) Epistemology - belief; study of knowled
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VCUENGL 320Nicholas A SharpSpring

ENGL 320 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Weohstan

OC14389443 Page
19 Feb 2017
Beowulf finally enters the cave and sees many giant boulders and a hot water stream inside. He shouts angrily to announce himself and it echoes off the
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VCUBIOL 101Rachel HillSpring

BIOL 101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-7: Electron Shell, Hydrogen Bond, Statistical Hypothesis Testing

OC14389448 Page
13 Jan 2017
Chapter 1: (cid:862) (cid:272)ie(cid:374)(cid:272)e is a (cid:271)od(cid:455) of k(cid:374)o(cid:449)ledge; a (cid:272)olle(cid:272)tio(cid:374) of u(c
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VCUMGMT 644KennethhardtSpring

MGMT 644 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Precedent, Equal Protection Clause, English Law

OC1343923 Page
13 Jul 2013
The law consists of rules that regulate the conduct of individuals, businesses, & other organizations within society. It"s intended to protect people/t
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VCUMGMT 644KennethhardtSpring

MGMT 644 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Auto Racing, Contributory Negligence, Comparative Negligence

OC1343926 Page
13 Jul 2013
Chapters 5 & 6 (chapter 6 in book) Tort wrong - civil action for injury to person/property. Tort law protects a variety of injuries & provides remedies
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VCUCRJS 181Christina ManciniSummer

CRJS 181 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: National Crime Victimization Survey, Spree Killer, Uniform Crime Reports

OC2142824 Page
2 Jan 2014
Intro to criminal justice, crjs 181, 003, 23200, mancini: lecture notes. Chapter 2: the nature and extent of crime. Consensus view of crime, conflict v
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VCUPHIL 201James ScowFall

PHIL 201 Chapter Notes -Fetus, Negative And Positive Rights

OC2104382 Page
21 Nov 2013
Euthanasia-another situation in which we are discussing the possibilities of people killing each other, and then suicide is another instance where we a
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VCUENGL 295Barry CartwrightFall

ENGL 295 Chapter 1: The Secret History of Wonder Woman (Common Book) Summary

OC4606511 Page
3 Jul 2015
Chapter 1: is harvard afraid of mrs. pankhurst? (pages 3-12) William moulton marston was successful in the early years of his life. He was cherished, a
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VCUCRJS 181Christina ManciniSummer

CRJS 181 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, Joe Paterno, Vigilante

OC2142825 Page
2 Jan 2014
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