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Nicholas D Vesprini

Lecture #7 – Tuesday January 29, 2013 General Principles of Memory -memory involves many regions of the brain -different types of memory exist – and are stored differently -certain regions of the brain are more important for specific types of memory First evidence that memory processes are localized in the human brain: Dr. W. Penfield – neurosurgeon at Montreal Neurological Institute 1940s – using electrical stimulation of brains of human patients undergoing surgery to relieve epilepsy Elicited flashbacks in some patients – only on stimulation of temporal lobe Brenda Milner – Montreal Neurological Institute Studied H.M. – a patient whose hippocampus had been surgically removed from both temporal lobes to control seizures -H.M. was a 27 year old assembly line worker and suffered from untreatable seizures for more than 10 years -removal of the medial portion of temporal lobes greatly reduced seizures; experienced devastating memory loss and could not form new long term memories -able to retain long term memory from before surgery, and his short term memory was also intact Two different ways of learning: 1. What the world is about e.g. knowledge of people, places and things available to consciousness Explicit Memory-we’re consciously aware of this/factual 2. How to do things e.g. motor skills, and things not available to consciousness Implicit Memory-a skill, must be done/acted out to understand how to do it-must be physically experienced H.M. lost the ability to form new explicit long-term memory; he wouldn’t remember he had done a certain task, but he was able to develop skills because of implicit memory although he wasn’t aware that he knew how to do those tasks -Hippocampus only forms explicit memory Hippocampus and Lea
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