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Lecture 14

BIOL 1F25 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Weight Loss, Cardiac Arrest, Lysine

Biological Sciences
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Gaynor E Spencer

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NOV 4TH 2015
LEC 14
Derived by coca bush
Grown in Peru Bolivia and Columbia
Starts as a leaf then made into a coca base
CNS stimulant
oRegulated as a narcotic but its not
oStimulates release of brain chemicals that play a role in mental alertness
and excitation
o“One of the most powerful pharmacological reineforcers known. O7nce…
Experienced, tendency to reuse is nearly irresistible “
Exhilaration and euphoria
Heightened alertness
Greater capability for work
Less fatigue
Less need for food and sleep
“Perfect illusion “ drug: ego food!
3 forms
Hydrochloride salt
oWhite powder
oWater soluble
oSniffed or taken intravenously
Street dealers often dilute with cornstarch
History of cocaine production
1st isolated by German chemist: Friedrich Gaedcke in 1855: “erythroxyline”
Purified by Albert Niemann in 1859: “cocaine”
Discovered cocaine acts as a local anesthetic
Eye, nose and throat surgery
(1 oz enough to perform 28 nose jobs)
Sigmund Freud
Lrg role in western cocaine industry
Cocaine pharmacotherapy
Digestive disorders
Cure for depression
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