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Renal Histology

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Jenny Janke

Outline of Lecture 02 (04-24 C; Dintzis) Renal Histology This is a guide for identifying structures; function is listed only if it helps in this regard Make liberal use of the “Find” feature GROSS ANATOMY - Kidney cortex: contains distinctive glomeruli, convoluted tubules, parts of collecting ducts - Kidney medulla: below the cortex, contains limbs of Henle, collecting ducts - Medullary ray: collecting ducts that extend into cortex - Calyx: terminal expansions of ureter in the kidney, minor calyces meet up with papilla - Papilla: termination of collecting duct into a minor calyx - Lobe: a medullary pyramid and the overlying cortex - Lobule: lateral borders marked by medullary rays - Arteries in order: abdominal aorta, renal artery, interlobar, arcuate, interlobular, intralobular, afferent arteriole, glomerulus, efferent arteriole, vasa recta RENAL CORPUSCLE - Renal corpuscle: glomerulus + Bowman’s capsule - Capillary endothelium: highly fenestrated for high filtration rate - Afferent arteriole: at vascular pole of renal corpuscle, distinguished from efferent arteriole if attached to an intralobular artery - Efferent arteriole: at vascular pole of renal corpuscle, see afferent arteriole - Glomerular capillary: stains pale iridescent pink in PAS - Podocytes: easily seen at border of glomerulus, obvious under EM, has filtration slits that act as a minor filtration barrier - Mesangial cells: embedded in PAS-positive material, phagocytoses particles that don’t pass thru basement membrane - Basement membrane: very thick, PAS-positive, trilaminar, primary glomerular filtration barrier - Juxtaglomerular cells: cells of afferent arteriole that border macula densa, contains distinctive renin granules - Macula densa: found at vascular pole of renal corpuscle in the distal convoluted tubule that runs between t
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