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Lecture 43

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Dirk De Clercq

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Outline of Lecture 43 (03-07 B; Walker) Ocular Motor System I. Saccadic system - Function: to redirect gaze from one point to another (change fovea target) - Saccades are fast (peak velocity 500°/s, typical latency 200ms) and accurate - Target position info is first processed by the PPC and frontal cortex (especially the parietal and frontal eye fields) - Both the PEF and FEF project to the superior colliculus (which has an ocular motor map) which then projects to the brainstem saccade generator - The brainstem saccade generator consists of (omnipause,) burst and integrator neurons (be able to describe how these function together to give saccadic pulse) - The locations of the burst and integrator neurons differs for horizontal (pons) and vertical (midbrain) saccades - The cerebellum can modify saccades (from below, can predict lesion effects) - Fastigial nucleus facilitates contraversive and inhibits ipsiversive saccades - Vermis inhibits fastigial nucleus II. Pursuit system - Function: track moving objects (keeps target on fovea) - Pursuit consis
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