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Understanding Energy Metabolism Supply and Demand.docx

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Jeff Stuart

Understanding Energy Metabolism Supply and DemandJanuary2414924 AM1 Organization of cellular energy metabolism2 Substrate oxidation including mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation3 ATP utilization4 Proton leak ox phos is not 100 coupled to the proton pump its leaking back into the matrix without going through ATP synthase the mitochondria membrane more permeable to protons than the cell membrane Energy Metabolisms in AnimalsThe fermentation in fermentation is not producing enough ATP per unit timeHow can you increase the metabolic rate in an animalsBreathing in more oxygen only raises a little more because its not in demand at rest for exampleRelies on the amount of ATP consumptionworkProton leak also controls metabolic rateoWeight loss drug Collapses the gradient so that the mitochondria needs to work harder thereforemetabolic rateBoth of the above control about 70 of metabolic rate Substrate Oxidation and ATP Synthesis Ox PhosMitochodrial Energy TransductionUsing energy in chemical bonds of fuels to synthesize ATP fro ADP and PiHow does it workSubstrate OxidationAnimal cells use 3 major metabolic fuels carbohydrates glucose lipids fatty acids proteins amino acidsThese metabolic fuels are imported into the mitochondria and enter the TCA cycle as acetylCoA usuallyFrom betaoxidation of fatty acids glycolytic pyruvate and catabolism of some amino acidsWhat mitochondria actually look likethe structure of the cristae tubules based on electron microscopic tomographyNoteinside of cristae tubules continuous with intermembrane space Matrix is the remaining space within the inner boundary membrane but not inside the cristae tubules
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