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Theories of Development

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Child and Youth Studies
Anthony Volk

Theories of Development Focus on Chapter 2 Monday September 20 2010 212 PM SeminarsThe basic structure of the seminars revolves around debates y Debates are a good way to critical examine issues related to this course y The assignment does not reflect personal beliefs no opinions y Debates lead to a written paperpaper should be improved from the debate yReview Science of development o To understand development we currently require multiple perspectives from multiple disciplines o One common themesciencetruth o Science is a method of understanding the physical and mental world o No other branch of knowledge comes even remotely close is even worth mentioning in the same breath o Notice I did not mention spiritual and currently experiential worlds o But those worlds cant be measured so they cannot be accurately predicted o Theories lead to hypothesis o Scientific method is followedInvestigators must be objective y Data determine merits of theory yo Scientific factis a phenomenon or observation that is agreed upon by most observerso A theory is an idea that attempts to account forexplain factsobservationsthus every so called scientific fact is actually a theory o Predictions resulting from theories are known as hypotheses Reliabilityrefers to the agreement between different measurements of the same observationsreliability is critical for the repeatability of experiments if the measurements are not reliable one cannot duplicate the results from one experiment in another a key method of testing hypotheses Validityrefers to measuring what you want to measureif a study measures what it desires to measure it has face validityif it agrees with different measures used in other studies it has criterion validity Ethics in Psychology o Deception injury confidentiality are three primary concerns with human participants o Minors can only provide assent you must generally also obtain parental consent o Research with minors is generally held to a higher standard of ethics o In Canada you must do so or else lose all government and university funding
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