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Lecture 2-Breathing and Speech Production

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Brock University
Richard Welland

Breathing and Speech Production September 17 12Case 1 A 45yearold woman hospitalized with chest pain and difficulty breathingHad been well previouslyNo history of heart disease asthma etcHad fallen on her side o Erays revealed broken rib punctured lungWhy dont both lungs collapse when on is punctured o If both lungs collapse you would die o The lungs are separated by membranes you can safely have one lung collapse and still breathe by the other lung that is still intactWhat would happen if they didSkeletal SuperstructureAxial Skeleton o Vertebral column3233 vertebrae 7 Cervical Vertebrae12 Thoracic Vertebrae what it looks like5 lumbar vertebrae5 fused sacrum vertebrae4 fused coccyx vertebraeKnown to have an S curve to the spinal columno Ribs o SternumAppendicular Skeleton o Pectoral Girdle o Pelvic girdle o Limbs VertebraeCervical vertebrae o Skull rests on C1 or the atlas o C2 or the axis forms pivot for rotation of C1 and skull o C7 has prominent spinous process sticks out the most easy to find on someoneThoracic Vertebrae o Increase in size from T1 to T12 o Two articular facets Costocentral articulation vertebrae attaches to the one disc which connects to the other vertebraeCostotransverse articulation where the rib articulates with the thoracic vertebraeEnables our rib cage to move in and out
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