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Physical Education and Kinesiology
Maureen Connolly

Pekn2P03 Lecture #3  Readings go up today  Lab week 2:  Equipment varies (learn how to adjust to equipment) do safety checks  Ex: trampolines beginner and professional  Proper take off and landings  Jump off of different levels/heights/equipment  How to do a forward/backwards summersault  Land on hands, feet, and other body parts  Physical attributes in lecture: (4)  Flexibility  Strength  Power  Endurance  All important, want well rounded/balanced individuals  Flexibility: range of possible movement in a joint/series of joints  Passive range- how far a limb can be moved by an external force such as a partner or gravity  Active range: how far a limb can be moved by ones own muscular force  Full range of flexibility = important for anything  Prevents injury  Allows us to extend further (bigger reach in a play)  Better range of motion (faster movements) (won’t be as hesitant)  Ex: golfers= more twerk in body, more range of motion  Many skills require high degree of flexibility  Limits: soft tissue: muscles connect tissues, tendons and ligaments  Shorter, tighter can get full range of motion  Strength: active flexibility can be compromised  Increasing:  Static stretching: plasticity of ones self in a position that elongates the soft tissue and holding this position for a period of time (60 seconds plus)  Ballistic stretching: involves bobbing/bouncing in and out of a stretch/position  Also called dynamic stretching  More for power other then increasing flexibility  Easier to become injured  Assisted stretching: use partner/instructor to stretch the partner/individual  Watch person for communication  Feel resistance of muscle (tension releases a lot then stop there)  Gravity will assist  Strength: amount of force that a muscle can create when in contracts (thickening/increasing of muscle fibres  Hypertrophy: loss of muscle (sickness, injury, lack of use)  Atrophy: opposite, gain muscle  Isometric  Concentric  Eccentric = 3 contractions  Fibre break down, rip, tear, and re build bigger muscles  This projects themselves  Outcome=stronger  Importance: increase strength, increase in one’s performance (ex: gymnastics, bod
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