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HIST 2904
Greg Fisher

Valens decided to face Goths at Adrianople: Augustus: hot, long march Wait for Gration? He sent a letter telling valen to wait for him Valen is arrogant and faces the Goths himself. What happened at Adrianople? Romans attacked during Parlay Gothic cavalry Enveloped and massacred Stunning defeat Emperor killed, body vanished Ammianus basically gave up on writing any more of his book after this time in the broader schemes of world history as we understood it Squarely situation events of his own time in the broader schemes of world history as we understand it After Adrianople – Theodosius Valen dead in 978, Valentinian in 375 Govian as well died shortly afterwards • Political civil war • Government not capable of meaningful response • Consumed the best people – like Aetius So… • Vandals, named seas Mediterranian • Franks, power in France: Clovis, Merovingian kings • Visogoths, spain • Politics in Italy -> who cares? • 476: Odoacer – overthrew feeble emperor o Romulus Augustus (the irony) -> Conventional end of the Roman Empire o Declared himself King of Italy o Odoacer: creature of times o Meanwhile, in Africa o 477: Vandal king, Gaiseric dead o Seperated Italy from Africa o Fulfilled prophecy of Virgil: Supreme historical irony for historian o “An avenger would come from Carthege to punish decendents of Anied • 476-Most famous non-event in history • When did Rome “fall”? • Ceased to “rule” empire? • Ceased to rule Italy? • Territory given to barbarians? • Rome sacked? • Fall of Syria, 636? • Fall of Alexandria, 642? • At Catalaunian fields- Aetius’ greatest virory • Atilla stopped: 453: back in east, thinking of Italy • 453: A famous death on wedding night • Importance of leadership for Huns • Aetius, problems with Galla Pladiadia • Sept. 434: Valentinian III, Western Emperor at Reven
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