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Lecture 8

ENGL 224 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Ernest Hemingway, Pullet Surprise, Matthew Hays

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ENGL 224
Michel Choquette

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Lesson 7: How do I Develop the Plot?
Featured Writer of the Week
Ernest Hemingway
- Started in journalism
o Stripped down minimal sentences
- Worked as ambulance driver in WWI
o Wounded at 19 years old
- 1930, reporter in civil war
- Theme: war in his writing, emotional inarticulously of men
o Writing without feeling the emotions
- Heavy drinker, alcoholic
- Short stories, novels
- Won pullet surprise for fiction, Nobel prize for literature
- Moved a lot
- Settled in Cuba for a bit, tower added to his house for his writing room
o Preferred to write in his bedroom
o Wake up as soon as possible after dawn
o Stand at his typewriter till noon
o Swim for ½ mile after
o Would write for a long before he thought he’d finished
o Preferred to write standing up, with his typewriter on a bookshelf
o Chart to keep his daily progress
o Reward himself with a day off fishing or hunting
- He wouldn’t tell every part of the narrative, just give you a minimal of it in writing it
- Famous for saying that you should write drunk and edit sober
- Recommend that you write for 2 people, yourself and someone that you love
- He wrote to be happy, where he found his happiness
- Writer blocks:
o Would give himself a task of writing one truest sentences
o Craftsman approach
- Died by suicide
Matthew Hays
- Range of writing: journalism, magazine writing, film magazine, a lot about the arts,
politics, gay culture, queer culture. Academic mainstream writing
- Writing most of it in the office, at his desk
- Ritual: get up, get coffee, read and pour over websites
- Goals when writing: an assignment every day, shift emphasis to pitching and trying to
get those pieces still, working on longer term projects.
- Daily word goal: tricky, used to write every day, tries to write a letter, or pitches.
- Exercises/ warm-ups: read magazines that are well written, forces you to sit down and
read a book, isolate yourself
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