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Lecture 19

CLAS 364 Lecture 19: March 8 notes, classical archaeology

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CLAS 364
Jane Francis

March 8 notes East pediment: artemis o Only one left standing o See how drapery is used to enhance the emotion, the pose and motion of figures. o Artemis rushes in and see the drapery enhance that motion Dionysus o The 2 figure who doesnt react, for the same reason as Aphrodite. Due to his relation with wine and his followers. His worshippers are ruled by the fact theyre drunk. o In seated position, reflects location ,farther towards the corner. Reclining on panther skin, toasting the dawn (in corner) with upraised cup (lost) o Hes reclined in a languish position. o Turned away from the central action (like Aphrodite); also not part of Athena`s realm. Faces south (location of his main sanctuary). Hes also facing the chariot of the rising sun, maybe toasting to a new day. Horses and chariots o Horse of helios (sun) o Horse of selene (the moon) o Corners are filled with the idea that the sun is emerging out, and the same thing with the rising of the moon. So we just see the heads of the horses, coming to. Probably would have the shoulders and head the charioteer too. Ives us context, this event and all this, the reaction etc are all happening within a day. West pediment Theme is contest between Athena and Poseidon for control of Athens and attica. Next main event in biography of Athena. Problem is that this is not a very specific piece of information, there is a story here, various moments and participants in the story who may not be present. 3 main people: Athena, zeus, and Hephaistos. We have lost the central figures, so the challenge is to see how many are preserved, how positioned, and who they might be. Did the sculptors represent the creation of the tokens? Moment Poseidon erects his fountain, or the olive tree? Or do you have further along in the story that Poseidon wont accept his the loser and tries to flood the acropolis and zeus comes down and throws his thunder bolt and separates them. Which is represented? One has high drama, the second was high drama too with the flooding and zeus coming down. We dont know which is represented or how you would go about representing it. Scholars like thinking zeus is involved, the father daughter combination would also be good. Other scholars say maybe the thunder bolt was there but not zeus, there is evidence that the composition of the two central ones, the figures are rearing back like as if something came down. Still hypothetical. Reconstruction: most simplistic: Athena and Poseidon posed leaning away form each other. Without zeus, thunderbolt, spring, or olive tree. o Would be a generic representation, viewer would fill in the story and knows that Athena is the winner. Remaining figures: not much left, dont have secure identification for some figures. Assume there was chariots on both sides flanking. Poseidon: centrally positioned, leaning away from entre. Originally 3.4 meter high. (tells us its Poseidon, around maximum height of pediment) extreme agitation suggested by armshoulder position.
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