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Dalhousie University
PHIL 2170
Samantha Copeland

January 10, 2011 Can we reason about intimacy? Should we? Lawrence: We can’t reason about desire. In order to have real intimacy, this requires active involvement of both body and mind. It’s not planning, analysis, etc. – we ought to ‘think sex’. Follow our desires – but not get involved with anyone who crosses our paths. Are our feelings natural or conventional? What are they and how should they be expressed? What about our relationships? Lawrence: Our feelings are conventional, not natural. Union is still an inspiring tendency. Contemporary expressions of emotion and relationships such as marriage are perverted by convention, we suppress our natural tendencies and experience counterfeit feelings instead of real ones when we train our bodies and minds to accept (to see) only appropriate feelings and expressions. Lady Chatterley gives us a way to get out of the bounds of convention – relationship breaks the bound of convention. Lawrence wants people to feel troubled about their complacency. Philosophical concepts of intimacy: Union Lawrence: Union is a natural tendency for humans who seek completion by uniting with others in a physica
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