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ENGL 1121

ENGL TERMS Term Definition Active Voice The voice when a subject is performing an action Allegory A story, poem or picture with hidden meaning Repetition of the same letter /sound Alliteration An expression to refer to an idea, person, place or text Allusion Comparison of two things Analogy A character who undergoes conflicts against the protagonist Antagonist And exclamatory passage Apostrophe An essay that tries to prove a point Argumentative essay info passed around w/ no proven evidence Anecdotal evidence A remark that is intended to be heard by the audience Aside Repetition of sound or vowel Assonance The surrounding environment Atmosphere Spectators of a public event Audience A primary source of a person’s life history Autobiography A poem or song narrating a story in short stanzas Ballad A stur lird stanza in iambic meter Ballad stanza (1 and 3 line : has 4 metrical feet; 2ndand 4 line: has 3 metrical feet ) Having favour on one side Bias A writing of someone’s life story Biography A verse without any rhymes Blank verse A harsh mixture of sounds Cacophony A person or human-form thing in a story Character A graphic or verbal description Characterization A person who contrasts with another character (usually the protagonist) Character foil A part of a song that is repeated after every verse Chorus Arranging events as when it took place Chronological order Repeated regularly Cliché The organization of ideas ranging from least important to most important Climatic order The highest point in a story where conflict usually occurs Climax referring to an expression or language use that is appropriate in informal Colloquialism situations but not in formal ones A struggle Conflict Everyday communication Colloquial language an idea that is implied or suggested Connotation Agreements/compatibility between opinions/actions Consonance The state of being different from something Contrast Two lines in a verse that rhyme Couplet Indicating/referring something with verbal communication Denotation The outcome of a complex event Dénouement The choice and use of words and phrases in a speech or writing Diction A public event (a play, event etc) Drama When an audience knows more than a character about something that is going Dramatic irony to occur to them Found in poems , where a character describes themselves Dramatic monologue A character who changes throughout a story Dynamic character A poem of serious reflection Elegy When the writer makes the audience become involved in a conflict Emotional appeal A conclusion of a story Epilogue When the main conflict in a story is shown Exposition Writing that informs, explains, describes or defines the authors subject t
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