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Langara College
GEOL 2207

Summer Severe Weather Preparedness o Thunderstorms and Lightning o Take shelter (not under a tall isolated tree) o Stay low to the ground o Insulate yourself from ground if exposed o Stop golfing, kite flying, mountain climbing, etc o Listen for buzzing sound in the air, watch for hair standing on end Tornadoes o Tornadoes form during severe thunder storms Sequence of Events: o Vertical wind shear causes air mass to overturn and rotate in a horizontal direction o Updrafts and upwelling tilt the horizontally rotating air vertically, producing a mesocyclone (3-10 km in diameter) o Major updraft lower a portion of the cumulonimbus cloud at rear to form a wall cloud o The wall cloud may begin to rotate and a funnel cloud descends to the ground Enhanced Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity o Scale o Wind speeds o Typical damage Canada has Devastating damage and incredible damage Tornado Occurrence o Most common in spring and summer, in prairie regions, and in the late afternoon o U.S. great plains are home to Tornado “Alley” o Central and Eastern US o In Canada, Southern part of country o From Alberta to
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