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PSYC 1115

Psych 100 th March 15 2013 Anxiety Disorders  Biopsychosocial view of anxiety disorders. Biology: genetic preparation from threats to our ancestors. Compulsions often adaptive but disproportionate, ex. Excessive hand washing. Washing hands good but disproportionate. Neuroticism fairly heritable, sets stage for developing excessive worry. Psycho: conditioning. Social: observational learning, like if your parents have a phobia and they make you avoid their phobia too, you may develop it as well.  Classical conditioning related to phobia development, whereas operant conditioning is related to phobia maintenance  Comorbidity: two conditions or diagnosis occurring at same time. Common for depression and anxiety but not for everyone. Among children and adolescents, anxiety precedes depression.  Racing with cars. Ice skating as a child for field trips. Travelling to Calgary, my first trip. Reading program in elementary school.  Characteristics of major depressive disorder: two or more weeks of expressed mood, low interest in pleasurable activities, unable to experience pleasure, feel worthless, not caused by drugs or medication. Severe impairment. Episode lasts 6-12 months. Typically 5-6 episodes in a lifetime and more likely to happen again after first time. This diagnosis occurs worldwide, in
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