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CHEM 204
Christopher Barrett

CHEM 204 02/25/2013 Lecture 20 NOTE: Personal summary sheets made by Martin M. for CHEM 204: Winter, Prof. Barrett Global Energy Consumption If you look at an energy map, 60% of energy is lost as heat in the USA. Canada is only 25% fossil fuel and 60% hydroelectric.  Quebec is 97% hydroelectric, but McGill is only <50% electric because we are set up for natural gas. Our energy usage is based on what was cheap in the 60s. Cheaper to stick with natural gas and change everything 1. Oil: All oil is essentially from sunlight and dead dinosaurs/decaying plants.  Pros: easy to acquire (hole in ground), easy to transport (pipes), good fuel  Cons: combustion, limitted supply, unevenly distributed World crude oil reserves&production numbers are untrustworthy because every country overestimates theirs to seem richer. Canada has tons of oil, but it's expensive to raise a barrel in Alberta. 2. Coal:  Pros: lots of it (>90% of our fossil fuel reserves), evenly distributed!  Cons: It's a rock= hard to transport, process, dangerous to mine, dirty (can't be purified of sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus and has more Carbons/hydrogen, plus), more expensive 3. Natural Gas:  Pros: cleaner burning, easy shipping, cheap,  Cons: Combustion, hard to store (gas) Note: Acid rain is slowl
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