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Section 5: Rio de Janeiro and the Mega Event Development Strategy

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McGill University
GEOG 216
Geraldine Akman

Rio de Janeiro and the Mega-Event Development Strategy 12/5/12 1:02 AM Reading 21, Gaffney Maracana Inaugurated 1950 à World Cup 179,000 capacity à 200000 record attendance “Most democratic stadium in the world” 2007 Pan American Games: 85,000 capacity • Mega event development strategy • Added seats • Now has a hierarchy of seats à used to be equal everywhere 2014 World Cup: 75,000 Privatization • Conforming to FIFA standards • Rules are being set by an outside agency Mega-Event Led Development Public investment, private gain • Typically happens with mega-events • Government takes out huge loans and private companies usually benefit Democracy • Big events lead to fast track decisions o By pass all rules o Emergency fashion o Against the interest of the majority Job Creation? • Often is a boom in jobs but not everything that is promised • Informal sector loses jobs • The Olympics and FIFA have rights to certain words • Tourism revenue tends to go down during the Olympics White Elephants • Must have a very specific set of venues o Cycling o Fencing o These never get used again Planning by state of emergency Rio’s Olympic “sportive constellation” 4 Zones • Deodoro Zones o Poor area of town o “development” • Maracana Zone • Capacabana Zone • Barra Zone o Main site o A huge place of gentrification o Popular place to live Bus Rapid Transport Housing of the games, management of the games and transportation and connection David Harvey: Accumulation by Dispossession Accumulation by expanded reproduction • Capitalism needs to grow • Always running up to barriers Primitive Accumulation • Big violence • Enclosure of the commons • Makes peaceful expanded reproduction possible • Initial accumulation before expanded reproduction • Harvey says this is still needed for capitalism Enclosure
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