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LING 390
Andrea Nicole Santi Isabelle Deschamps

Ling 390 Readings are all on web CT goal: understand how language is represented in our brain - learn how to effectively communicate your ideas - don't quote things in the assignments - can work with others on the assignments, but obviously you must do your own write up - don't rely only on the internet as a source - don't email on webCT, email through mcgill mail - final exam puts more emphasis on the second half of the course - readings must be done ahead of time: they can be found on webCT - don't worry if you don't understand the whole method of journal articles -worry about the intro and conclusion - questions won't be to focussed around what they did in the experiments, just the theories - if you get back your assignment and don't agree with something, write on the assignment what you disagree with and leave it either in the office or hand it back at the end of next class - assignments must be printed What is the Neuroscience of Language? - we're not going to come out of this class with a definitive answer as to how this all works - do reading for next class - background information is needed: - a framework of language, to specify the nature of relevant behaviours - a framework of the nervous system (anatomy and physiology underlying the mental processes)
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