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February 14th

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McGill University
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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

MUAR 211 – The Art of Listening Winter 2013 February 14 , 2013  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) o born in Salzburg, Austria to esteemed composer-violinist o father organized concert tours for him & sister to perform at keyboard before European royalty o composed in variety of genres at early age o dismissed from court of Archbishop for being insubordinate (disobedient) o knew & admired Haydn o legendary for ability to quickly compose high quality & high complexity pieces o today known for symphonies & string quartets, in his day known for piano & opera o likely he would have conducted his works from the keyboard  would have led continuo group & singers  sonata form o also called first-movement form & sonata-allegro form since extremely common in first movements of instrumental genres o also appear in one-movement instrumental genres o thought of in its day as  a structural principle capable of creating pleasing balance & symmetry  a dramatic form in which conflict is resolved at the end o historically it was a rounded binary form  terminology of sonata form o exposition (part 1)  primary theme area  tonic key  bridge  modulation (away from tonic to another key)  secondary theme area  secondary key (not tonic key)  closing section  secondary key o development (part 2)  modulatory (no
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