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Lecture 11

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McGill University
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MUAR 211
Jerry M.Cain

Friday January 28, 2011 Lecture Eleven Orchestral introduction: establishes the key and the mood of the concerto.  Introduction first, then soloist Another type of sonata (to add to the two types of solo sonata)- Trio Sonata.  Trio sonata is harder to spot, because there almost never are 3 different people. It’s usually 3 parts. I can be 1 part with 2 on basso continuo, but one or more people can play the basso continuo Won’t be on exam! La Primavera is the first movement from The Four Seasons. Dance suites are individual movements that are dances.  They are all about the beat (read notes- terms in bold are ones we need to know) Handel Became famous in Italy, and then really became very famous in England. What he is most known for is his 39 Italian-style operas.  Example: Giulio Cesare o Beginning (overture) very homophonic o Uneven division of beat o About Roman history (serious opera was almost always about antiquity in this era) o When Ceasar comes in, he (she) beings an aria o Later a recitative beings (no beat) Da capo aria is a matter of form. You have music at the b
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