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PHIL 367 - Lecture (Mar. 12th)

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PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

thMar 12The Lad and his PrincessSupposed to illustrate the knight of infinite resignation The man loves the princess but the princess cannot be with the lad The lad has found the one thing that he will live for and die forunconditional love It is the beginning of infinite resignation He realizes that he will not get the princess He lets go of the princess and he renounces the whole content of his life In thus he transforms it into something higher it becomes a love for eternal being This denies him the fulfilment of his life but reconciles him in the eternal consciousness of loves validity in an eternal form that nobody can take from him How Theories of sublimationThere is peace and solace in this resignation he is now outside the realm of flux and finite change of pain and suffering he is immune to pain and he has invested all his positive values into the infinite ascetic This movement of infinite resignation is a move achieved by an act of selfmastery of the will entirely selfsufficient If he does not make the movement it is because he is weak and cowardly The knight of infinite resignation does not make claims on anyone does not define himsel
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