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PHGY 210
K.Andrew White

PHGY210 MAMMALIAN PHYSIOLOGY IIthLecture24March 5 2010THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEMPhysiology of the Gastrointestinal tract GIT and its accessory structuresGIT role in homeostasisfood from the external environment enters the digestive system where large food particles are broken down into large molecules and then into smaller molecules to be absorbed into the internal environment to be processed and distributed to cells in order to supply them with energy and raw materials for growth and repair and for function and regulationIn an earthwormthere is the simplest form of a GITit stretches linearly along the body and connects the external environment The lumen is the central cavity that links the external environments at both ends Throughout evolution there has been growth and differentiation of the digestive tract The tubular nature and the communication with the external environment have been maintained We also have a lumen that is an extension of the external environmentGrowth from the mouth through the stomach to small intestine large intestine to the anus the GIT tract is about 45m long As well the surface area of the lining of the lumen has grown through folds such that the internal structure is 600
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