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Lecture 3

POLI 212 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: French Revolution, Counter-Reformation, Protestantism

Political Science
Course Code
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

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POLI212- democratic republicanism
- Different ways of rejecting old regimes in Europe
- Liberalism, nationalism and republicanism
o Rep was the most violent challenge of all to the old regime
- Liberalism
o Could live with monarchs as long as they were limited by constitution
- Nationalism
o Locate sovereignty in the people but nothing incompatible with monarchical rule as
long as it was limited in popular ways
- Republicanism
o Republicanism sought to get rid of monarchs all together
Were’t satisfied with instituting limits on monarchs
Interest in a republican constitution in which the head of state was elected
FR began as an attempt to limit the powers of the monarchs
o Republicanism was anti-Catholic
Form of civil religion
Wanted to establish its own institutions -wanted to organise and
penetrate and become central to civil society
Catholicism was a form of legitimisation of the old regime
Separation of Church and State (1905)
Had its own deep roots in society
o Activities in the social-sphere needed to challenge the
A form of radical challenge in societies in which Catholicism plays an
important role (Italy and Spain)
o Republicanism challenge is more than a liberal challenge
Could’t lie ith a oarch
Countries that have constitutionally limited monarchs tend to be countries
in which the counter-reforatio as’t successful
Constitutionally limited monarchs protestants liberal political ideology
Republicanism challenge can be contrasted with protestant
o French republicanism really sought a fundamental break with the past
Another measure of its radicalism
Attempt to introduce new calendar, new styles of dress,
o Republican challenge in France was incomplete
The revolution was to some extent ruled out
Transfer from old regime to 1s republic suffered push back
Not powerful enough to make the hegemonic principle of
republicanism strong enough
1792-1958 > 10 regime changes (new set of rules and constitutions)
o Multiple attempts to re-establish the monarch
Rep principle only consolidated in 1958
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