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Lecture 12

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McMaster University
Earth Sciences
Sergei Basik

Lecture 12 October 2, 2013 LANDSLIDES AND OTHER DOWNSLOPE MOVEMENTS Forces on a Slope  Landslides as a result of torrential rains are classified as geophysical movement  Landslides are a good example that shows there is an interconnection between natural disasters  Only 1% or 2% of landslides start by themselves  When the slope will fail depends on: 1. Slope steepness 2. Material weight (different results if weight is larger than if is smaller) 3. Moisture content (water can change the structure of the landslide) Slope and Load  Slope failure: the relationship between steepness and weight Causes of Landslides  Human activity is the main cause of landslides Oversteepening and Overloading  Increasing the angle increases the chance of sliding movement downward  Adding material at the top (fill)  Material is taken away from the bottom (undercut) Adding Water  Ex. La Conchita Landslide, California, 2005  Can sometimes get this type of landslide naturally (rainfall, etc.)  60% of this type of landslide happens in tropical areas (the natural ones)  Anthropogenic landslides happen every
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