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Atlantic Canada Part II

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Walter Peace

Atlantic Canada Part IIOctober 17 20111031 AM Importance of regional consciousnesssense of place sense of belonging attachment identity felt by inhabitants of a region See Bone Ch 1Atlantic CanadaDownward transition region Political and geographical fragmentation Cultural diversity Slow economic growth Reliance on resources megaprojects Environmental challenges Cod fishery collapse See Bone pp 380387Sydney Tar Ponds p 367 373QuestionsWhy is Atlantic Canada a downward transitional RegionWhat canshould be done about this Physical GeographyGeology and LandformsNorthern extension of Appalachian mountains General alignment of hills valleys southwest to northwest Coastal rocks formed in Carboniferous period coal in Cape BretonOther mineral resources nickel cobalt copper at Voiseys Bay Labrador and offshore oil fields eg Hibernia on Grand BanksAppalachian Mtnsold heavily eroded low relief Climate3 climate zones Fig 26 in Atlantic Canada Atlantic Artic and SubarticSummers generally cool wet witersshort mild but heay snowfall and rain FogCold Labrador Current meets warm Gulf StreamStJohns120 days of fog yrSoilsGenerally poor unable to support commercial agriculture except in PEI and Annapolis Valley in NS Question to what extent has Atlantic Canadas physical environment contributed to its status as a downward transitional region Geography Human environmentEconomyPhysiologyRelations SettlementClimate DemographicsSoils CultureVegetation Environmental Context
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