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Health, Aging and Society
Mat Savelli

July 11, 2013 – HLTH AGE 2G03 Lecture Fear  A bear shows up while you're golfing - that's fear  The direct thing in front of you Anxiety  Has a physiological element  Anticipation of the future  You would like to not feel that way, but you have no ability to control this  Negative mood overshadows everything  People having this realises it's not normal Commonalities of Anxiety Disorders  Intense fear that is disproportionate to the actual environmental danger - most important Panic Disorder  Largely physical  Avoidance works, but it also feeds anxiety o Short term solution Agoraphobia  Doesn’t need to be crowded, could also be big open places  Someone could easily fear a desert  A situation where you can't get out, it is difficult to escape Specific (Simple) Phobia  Not true phobias because it needs to be irrational or unreasonable Social Anxiety Disorder  Used to be called Social Phobia Generalised Anxiety Disorder  People who never seemed settled, always something on their mind  Worried about finances, parents' health, school, car payments, etc  Can't solve this anxiety, moves from one object to another Hypochondriasis  Rebranded as "somatic symptom disorder" and "illness anxiety disorder" in DSM-5  SSD: person has chronic somatic symptoms which cause them excessive preoccupation and anxiety. They may make frequent use of health care systems but rarely feel satisfied with the results  For ex. Cancer patients -> paranoid about health  IAD: person may or may not have a medical condition but has heightened bodily
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