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Stoic Physics and Theology

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Mark Johnstone

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Stoicism Physics and Theologyy Single most influential philosophical school of the Hellenistic period y Stoicism names after the porch or portico in the agora in Athens y English word stoic derives from the ethical teachings of this school of philosophy Ie someone who bears suffering without complainingStoics divided into Two Grous1 The Old Stoics Zeon and Citium Cleathes and Chrysippus 2 The Roman Stocits Seneca Epictetus and the emperor Marcus Aurelius Stoic Physics Materialismy Everything that exists is a body extended in three dimensions y All and only bodies are capable of acting and being acted on y Incorporeals such as space time void and sayables can be said to subsist They do not have fullfledged existence These things exist only outside the world First Principlesy Passive Principles Inert and unqualified mattery Active Principle God also referred at as divine fire and as seminal reason Gives the passive principle shape and formy God is immanent in all things and is responsible for what each is like and able to do God is contained in all things god permea
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