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Political Science
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1 Week 11 Nov 19 review Citizen Participation Citizens ignored in global decision making process Institutional processes Limited in scope, excludes participation Structural inequalities Inequalities across all these..gender etc But globalization not the cause Globalization does not provide equal opps for all One source of global democratic deficit These actors cannot affectively participate in decision making structures Class Gender race Structural inequalities Globalization is not the source of contemporary inequalities in class, gender, race and country BUT affected the forms and the instensity of social hierarchies Unequal opps to access to the global spaces and unequal participation in democratic processes 2 Redistributive mechanisms challenged by globalization Global regimes failed to establish a fair and well functioning system Undermined the role of territorially based social movements llike trade unionism and anti colonialism !!!!!!!!!!disadvantaged groups would have limited access to democratic decisionmaking processes and unwilling to participate in politics!! Structural inequalities as one of the sources of citizen ignorance and participation in institutional processes Class inequalities Division of a population in respect of different roles in the production process Class distinctions as barriers to social mobility, educational opps, access to health care and access to global spaces Hypercapitalism and declining role of distributive sate (taxation, wage controls, public services) Subordination .... Deregulation and widening income inequality The US after 2008 crisis Failure of suprastate institutions to fulfill the regulatory gap IMF policies of structural adjustment: deregulation, liberalization, privatization, fiscal austerity, and regressive tax reforms Strengthened position of capital with respect to labour Inclusion of middle class and disadvantaged groups into policymaking and policy implementation process SAPS: subjects rather tahn actors UN Miliatry intervention and emergence of local voices Limited participation of middle and lower income groups in politics Most of the politicians and bureaucrates come from high income segements of society Ie Bush family – own most of oil in middle east Civil society activities: privileged layer of society 3 Globalizaiton of gender inequalities But dominance of men over women is not new Has globalization intensified gender inequalities? No, not narrowing the gap School enrolment Gender distribution of jobs – the top dominated by men (think pyramid) Gender distribution of incomes – big gap in wage inequality Gendered distribution of jobs Women are generally employed in low paid jobs with minimum job security Services economy Tourism, migration and care work, sex workers Manufacturing Workers for nimble works, EPZs !!!with limited access to global spaces and economically subordinated position: constrai
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