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Political Science
James Ingram

Political Theory 3VV3 January 24, 2013 Aristotle  The potluck question  He thinks that you can read nature right as it is  There is nothing difficult about the truth, the truth is what you see in nature  He is an empirical political scientist (you can observe the world)  Examines what everyone thinks  Big point: his principle is that his thinking is teleological (understands that you can look at something and with a bit of investigation you can understand its essence and that we should understand things in the terms of their point or purpose)  ex. The oak tree o We can manipulate things but we don‟t really know what it is  Ex. Physics class (what is gravity, electricity, etc.) o Aristotle wants to know the why? The purpose, meaning  Politics is natural to us and who doesn‟t need it is a beast or a god  We are destined for it (be what we are meant to be)  6 types of regimes o Distinction between two broad categories o Good regimes and Bad regimes o Distinguish them on whether ONE, FEW, MANY
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