PSYCH 2B03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Abraham Maslow

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18 Mar 2016
Abraham Maslow
Maslow's Eight-Fold Way
to self actualization
He took this from Buddhism
There is no secret to how to reach it, but doing the steps can be difficult.
How to live a good life isn't a secret
Knowing who you really are
Strengths, weakness etc…
Freud says his journey of self-analysis was the most difficult thing he had ever
It can be hard because there are thing about ourselves we do not want to know
Far too many people do not see the value in themselves
Using all the abilities skills and talents that you possess to move in the direction
you want to go
Take a step
You wanna be a writer? Write something!!
Growth Choices
Sometimes it becomes clear that one choice is better than another, but it can still
be hard to make the right choice
Something that will allow you to develop in valuable ways
It will be uncertain, you don't know how it's going to turn out
It's easier to go with the safe choice, but not necessarily better
Trusting Judgment
You and only you know what is best for you
Believe in your own sense and intuition
This is difficult because people will always tell you that they know what is best for
Peak Experiences
Brief, intense periods of B-cognition.
The way of looking at the world that self-actualized people do all the time,
Lasting sometimes a few minutes, or sometimes a few hours
The feeling of limitless horizons opening up to the future
More hopeful, great ecstasy, the loss of placing of time and space
Take full responsibility for your actions
Don't say "They made me do it"
You always have a choice
We need to be responsible for the consequences of our actions
Fully absorbing yourself in the moment
Being here now
Be fully absorbed in whatever you are doing
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