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Class Notes for Management at University of British Columbia - Okanagan

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MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Nonprofit Organization, Social Entrepreneurship

MGMT 100- Lecture 1 Notes- The Dynamic Business Environment Business Fundamentals Goods: tangible products Services: intangible products (healthcare, education) Business: any activity that seeks to prov...

MGMT 100
David Stuewe
MGMT 302 Lecture 1: Jan. 4

Jan. 4 2019 CH.1 AN INTRODUTION TO MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Managerial vs. Financial Accounting: Considers various users: o Existing Shareholders o Potential Shareholders o Existing Lenders (i.e. Banks) o Potential Lenders (i...

MGMT 302
Tamara Ebl
MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Chartered Financial Analyst, Unsecured Debt, Revolving Credit

1. Chapter 17: Financial Management Finance and Managers  Finance: the function in a business that acquires funds for the firm and manages them within the firm.  Financial Management: the job of managing...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Blog, Viral Marketing, Online Advertising

Chapter 15: Managing the Market Mix Market Mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Product Development • Product developing, is a key activity in any modern business, anywhere in the world. • There’s a...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Cash Flow Statement, Quick Ratio, Accounting Equation

Chapter 16: Understanding Accounting and Financial Information Importance of Financial Information • You have to know something about accounting if you want to succeed in business. • The simple truth is that lear...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Performance Appraisal, Visible Minority, Personal Information Protection And Electronic Documents Act

Chapter 12: Human Resource Management Human Resource Management: Finding and Keeping the Best Employees HRM is the process of: • Determining human resources needs and then: o Recruiting o S...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Non-Governmental Organization, Pdca, Iso 14000

Chapter 10: Producing World Class Goods and Services CANADA TODAY • Canada is a large industrial country with many major industries. • We are one of the largest producers of forest products in the world, wit...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Retail, Psychographic, Social Media Marketing

Chapter 14: Marketing: Helping Buyers Buy What is Marketing? • Determining the needs and wants of others o Need: an inner desire that drives people to take action and satisfy the desire. ...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Job Security, Pension, Craft Unionism

1. Chapter 13: Dealing with Employee-Management Issues Employee-Management Issues  The relationship between management and employees has never been very smooth.  Management has the responsibility of prod...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Total Quality Management, Mass Production, Departmentalization

1. Chapter 9: Adapting Organizations to Today’s Market Management  The principles of management are much the same, no matter the size of the business. o Management, as you learned in Chapter 8, begins ...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Privately Held Company, Sole Proprietorship, Irving Oil

1. Chapter 6: Forms of Business Ownership Sole Proprietorship  Sole Proprietorship: a business that is owned, and usually managed, by one person.  In a sole proprietorship, the business and the owner are...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Market Price, Mixed Economy, Perfect Competition

1. Chapter 2: How Economic Issues Effect Business Learning Objectives 1. Describe basic economics 2. Explain what capitalism is and how free markets work. 3. Compare the benefits an...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Focus 3, E-Governance, Social Insurance Number

1. Chapter 1: The Dynamic Business Environment Goals 1. Do well in this course 2. Form networks through helping each other and learning together 3. Stay healthy and happy throughout th...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Canadian Dairy Commission, Money Supply, Air Canada

1. Chapter 4: The Role of Government in Business Historical Role of Government in the Economy Canada has a mixed economy; our various levels of governments play a very large role in our economy. o S...

MGMT 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake And Tsunami, Job Enrichment, Academic Dishonesty

1. Chapter 5: Ethics and Social Responsibility Ethics  Ethics is more than legality.  It is not just obeying the law; it is "doing the right thing."  Ethics: the standards of moral behaviour; that ...

Administrative Law - Reference Guides

Administrative law directly influences the life of every American citizen. All local, state and federal agencies operate pursuant to general Administrative law principles. An understanding of all administrative law functio...

Business Admin - Mgt
All Professors
Organizational Behavior - Reference Guides

The systematic study of individual and group behavior within organizational structures is outlined in this coordinated Guide. Theories of leadership and individual behavior are related to the foundations of group behavior ...

PSYC 302
All Professors
Introduction to Business Law - Reference Guides

Business law, sometimes referred to as corporate-commercial law, is a system of governance and regulations in connection with the creation, existence and dissolution of businesses. Today, Canadian businesses are governed b...

BLAW - Business Law
BLAW 464
All Professors
Management - Reference Guides

The complex aspects of Management are made clearer in this Guide. This powerful Guide provides comprehensive assistance to anyone who desires a deeper appreciation of basic Management principles. The fundamentals of organi...

BA - Business Administration
BA 2283
All Professors
Corporations - Reference Guides

Corporations are explained with clarity and precision in this informative Guide! This guide helps to remove some of the confusion that popularly exists concerning the purpose, the extent, and the legal effect of different ...

BA - Business Administration
BA 2283
All Professors

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