FILM 240 Lecture Notes - Confirmation Bias, Home Automation, Sofa Surfers

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Thursday September 20, Week 2
Media Effects Research
Media Use Patterns
Connected Cocooning
The living room is now the “multiscreen communication and
entertainment hub”
“A culture of home-based iDistraction”
Media Bubbles
now people are gathering around and sharing screens via iPads
and other tablets because you can easily pass it around, it’s
interactive and touchable, and very intuitive (even toddlers can
use tablets)
this is the new electronic hearth, replacing the television
“Sofa Surfers & Bedroom Browsers”
#1 place to use laptop/tablet is the living room … tablets are
being fought over more than the remote
the tablet is the go-to wind down device … 91% owners use it in
Smarthome connected living
the most profound technologies are those that disappear…
weaving themselves into the fabric of everyday life
the smarthome is about convenience and entertainment,
connectivity and competitiveness
Information Abundance
a wealth of information leads to a lack of attention
“glance theory” – attendance
Hierarchy of digital distractions
device failure #1
twitter in the top half (takes more focus)
telephone call in the middle
facebook is the lower half (very automated)
any actual work last
We are becoming like the tools that we’re using (quick information
processors) … but we only skim the surface of things
This all leads to Social Media Fatigue
Metrics of Relevance
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