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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

 6 ways of looking at history o liberal capitalist order  know the general argument  stop thinking of Canada as a pre-existing entity  Canada is the proper name that we give to the historical project of extending liberal capitalism over a number of centuries  History of Canada begins where liberal capitalism begins  The dominant class has been dominating this “project”  It didn’t just happen, it happened due to specific events, people, etc.  This has been accomplished by the dominant class creating a “national interest” even though it is in reality, their own personal interests o ^ an example of hegemony  hegemony always must be renewed and re- secured because it is constantly shifting  sometimes hegemony breaks down so thoroughly that the state needs to use coercion to keep things together  post confederation period of liberal capitalism  How did liberal capitalism spread westward post- Confederation? o Where there is power, there is resistance – Foucault  Or regulation and resistance  Types of regulation:  State regulation o ex: laws/criminal code of Canada(introduced in 1892)  resistance = formal political parties formed to resist these laws (CPC, CCF)  on the ground o ex: scientific management of the mines  resistance = strikes organized by unions/labor movement  Self o Ex: birth control illegal  Resistance: use of birth control  Everyday, ordinary acts of resistance o Historical memory  The notion that for every historical thing we could find a series of dominant meanings for it and a series of dominant counter meanings  Depends who is doing the remembering and why they are doing it  Ex: you will get very different meanings/memories of WWI whether you talk to a soldier, officer, spouse, etc.  Usually something that happened after the historical moment which effects how people perceive this historical moment  Ex: Vimy Ridge, wasn’t immediately known as the “birth of a nation” this feeling was projected back years later o The inter connections between the social, political and economic  It is impossible to analyze the Canadian past without analyzing these three categories simultaneously  Ex: the miners  Economic o Working in the mines o Working in the mines created an inter-dependence between the miners  So
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