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Queen's University
HIST 208
Peter Campbell

History 208 Week 8 Lecture 1 October 30 2012 The Conquest  Acadians fled to Quebec City and Montreal  Some in New England, some Acadia (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick)  When they got back their farms and land controlled by English Protestants  1756 Seven Years’ War begins in Europe  Battle of the Plains of Abraham,  fought during the Seven Years War between British and French, on a plateau outside Quebec City  James Wolfe and his army, between two French armies on Plains of Abraham  British attacked by 400 Acadians and Natives pinning down the British army from the other side, surprise attack  Many soldiers on British side are Irishmen displaced from their land, farmers  The English are common people,  French are all surplus labour, carpenters’ clothiers etc. Imported without choice  Unlike the French soldiers the Acadians and Natives are defending their homeland  French initial attack very uncoordinated  British line of attack mile wide, his men retreat  British rush towards Quebec, but hundreds of Acadian militia cover retreating French army  James Wolfe died at end of war 3 factors 1. British had naval advantage 2. British had population advantage, small numbers in New France 3. Generally speaking the British are putting more effort and man power in the North American War than French 1759 Siege of Quebec; Battle of Plains of Abraham; surrender of Quebec City on Sept. 18 th  British go up and down both sides of St Lawrence, burning everything  There’s more of a respect between sides, than today, educated Englishmen new how to speak French  Wasn’t just English people on one side and French people on other side  Scots on both sides *Important to understand how some can look at conquest and see the liberation, and how some can look at conquest and see rape Conquest of Liberation  How can the conquest be seen as liberation?  Who thinks of it as liberation  1. The French  This saves Franco phones from the
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