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Prescription Drugs and Health.

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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 102
Melody Torcolacci

Prescription Drugs 552012 84200 AM Prescription DrugsPrescription drugs kill far more people than illegal drugso Deaths from prescription drugs are increasingOverdoses on prescription pain and anxiety medicationsDeaths from drugs have doubled among teens PharmageddonThe world in which medicine is producing more ill health than healthMedical progress does more harm than good o Death toll is highest in 40 year olds Parents feel prescription drugs are a safer alternative than drugs from a drug dealer o Prescription drugs is one of the most significant health dangers facing people The modern American medical system has become the leading cause of death and injury o Most injuries were preventable o Many patients receive multiple prescriptionsSome may counteract each otherCause severe reactions when combinedMore than half the visits to the emergency room were due to reactions to prescription medications th Prescription drugs are the 4 leading cause of death in the USAo Average drugs come with a list of 70 potential reactions o Around 100 side effectsMedication used by psychiatrists and neurologists had the most complex labels o Dermatologists had the leastPeople should not assume that theres no risk in prescribed medicines o The only way to avoid all risk is not to take them o Having a healthy life style prevents you from needing medicationEat right unprocessed foods no sugarsExcersizeStress reductionSun exposure and Vitamin D Omega 3s
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