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Microbiology and Immunology
MICR 221
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Bacteria Cell Walls Procaryotic cell wallLies just outside plasma membrane shape maintainingprotection against osmotic lysis and from toxic substances contributes to pathogenesissite of action of many antibioticsknowledge about assembly important in design of new antibacterial agents Types of cell wall 1bacterial a Gram positive electron dense thick layer 2080nmof peptidoglycan outside cytoplasmic plasma membrane teichoic acids i More resistant to osmotic pressure due to thick PG layer b Gram negative CM thin peptidoglycan plus a think outer membraneException mycoplasmas bacteria have no cell wall 2 Archaea halophiles thermoacidophiles methanogensa diversity of walls b no peptidoglycan Mechanism of Gram stainingdifference in gram staining is due to difference in physical nature of cell walls o if cell wall is removed from gram positive it stains gram negative
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