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Lecture 7

MUSC 102 Lecture 7: Music Week 7

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MUSC 102
Kip Pegley

Music Week 7 Test 3 has images Textbook questions Johannes Brahms (18331897) o Goes back to earlier eras o Baroque and Classical Periods o Beethoven on his back o Took him 20 years to write a symphony o Concerto, Fugues o End of romanticism programmatic music but not Brahms o Wrote nationalistic songs Nationalism folk song Brahms Lullaby o German o Folk song Passacaglia o 8 measure repeating harmony progression o 3 beats in a measure o Baroque composers base line o Incorportates a theme of vartiatoons o ABA Brahms Symphony No. 4 Listening Guide o Beethoven makes Sonata much longer but Brahms wants to go back o Passacaglia: based on regularly repeating eight measure got it from Baroque usually 8 measure repeating harmonic progression, tonic and dominant (dominant based on fifth note of scale) 3 beats = measure usually come in base line repeats (like Dido and Aenas from Baroque) o Characteristics the whole piece is theme and variations on this so its not boring (due to repetition) ABA coda 1:18 arpeggio 30 variations 11 variations are A B at 2:53 have longer variations and gets slower A variation 19 articulation 6:27 tremelo uses older forms romantic dramatic volume changes, tempo changes, passionate.. the only ways Brahms is o romantic o absolute music: no narrative opposite of program music Gustav Mahler (18601816) o Wrote new genres o antisemitism was rising Jewish experienced this o he worked mostly in Vienna o he was a pianist and composer and conductor (almost became conductor at Vienna Opera House but bc he was a Jew he was not allowed to) o he became a catholic o 1908 he moved to NYC and becomes director of the New York Metropolitan Opera o was also psyched out by Beethoven o Mahler wrote 9 symphonies (like Beethoven).. he didnt want to surpass Beethoven he died o writing the 10th one o Bach and Hayden wrote so many symphonies but Beethoven wrote 9 and then people wrote less and less bc of fear of surpassing Beethoven (and because they dont have patrons) o last great romantic composer
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