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Lecture 3

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 sept 26 Week 3 lecture 3  After Bodnavary is taken out of office by the military o Military has a problem because they now have no defensive project o Therefore they prepare for a transition to democracy  Uruguay o Lesson 1 (shows the importance of people)  Example of the power of personal ambition (bodnavary- he wanted to be a dictator)  He was a land owners son who grew up with and was used to there being an authority to rule over a group of people, thus he believed the country should mimic that. o 2 lesson (the importance of ideas)  The neighborhood effect (ex. The wave of democratization in Eastern Europe)  1980s (dictatorship started to collapse) o People start to think that it is outdated and that they need something new ( they don’t want to be humiliated and made fun of for being a modern country and yet still a dictatorship)  =the neighborhood effect  Argentina (1976-1983) o Development of the dictatorship happened because of the Monteoneros  10 000 members  Committed to Marxist revolution  A guerilla movement and real threat to people, and law and order  The government tried to deal with them  1978 o Military government takes over and eliminates the Monteoneros.  However military decided to stay in power to run the country  Thus they take over government and private enterprises o Problem 1  Air, navy and army were competing for prominence, thus there were an equal number of agencies and government organizations ran by each sector.  The country ended up being divided by 3 because each service knows best etc = total chaos. o Government unable to agree on a common solution to problems o However all sectors agreed on the need for repression.  Killed thousands of people because they still believed that communism was a major threat)  When people start to protest the government starts to believe that communism is back, this lead to them ramping up repression. o 1981  Military regime becomes the only credible force in country  With some caveats: the country is now Chaotic, divided, corrupt, and inefficient. o 2 problem  Argentina is a large country  Junior officers don’t necessarily have same values as senior officers o They firmly believe that a military should actually function as a military rather than as a power structure (more force oriented rather than politically oriented)  Therefore junior officers advocated for democracy because they believed that this focus on the political had affected their ability to be a fighting force (military was being civilianized) o Economy now in chaos  Military had no idea how to manage/develop industry  ISI abandoned  Fear of communists is gone but military keeps rounding people up, people who may not be communists.  Bourgeoisie hears about it ( get upset because it could be either someone related to them or someone they know) = them getting upset with the military. o Therefore milit
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