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Lecture 5

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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 Oct 8 week 5 lecture 2  Last class we identified 5 key groups in Bureaucratic Authoritarian regimes. o 1) core supporters  Run the show  Unlikely to give up power because they were forced to, they have to decide to give up power themselves. o 2) Coercive apparatus of the state  People doing the repression and monitoring o 3) passive supporters  Accept the argument of the regime that the regime will protect them from the communists.  Middle class o 4) active opponents  Believe the regime is their enemy, they want to force the core to give up. (ex. Syria)  See things in normative and manachaist terms  Take risks in trying to bring town regime o 5) passive opponents  Oppose the regime based on utilitarian calculations  Job of the opposition is to try and convince core to give up power o How? (there are certain conditions)  1) crisis or failure (can be economic or the loss of a war ie. Argentina- Malvinas war)  Undermines legitimacy of regime  2) neighbourhood effect  3) Core supporters  When things go bad they tend to splinter and divide into different groups. o This helps convince leaders to give up o These different groups go into different directions  1) some become radicalized ( called “escaping ahead”)  Reflex is to increase repression, so to kill and torture more people.  Problem is that it speeds up the repression of the regime.  They project an image of the regime being “self interested”.  2) some other staunch supporters are also radicalized  However, they believe only improvements will help the regime to survive. (ie. Getting a new leader)  Want to modernize the regime and want to keep their power in the regime.  However this makes the regime look weak. o thus this helps discredit the regime o also you end up with clashing between members  causes chaos within the core of the regime, could lead to a civil war.  3) Deradicalized (former supporters leave) o In this group members say that they’ve
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