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Political Studies
POLS 241
Dru Lauzon

Pols241 week 10 lec 2 nov.12  Can conclude that in Europe democracy is a matter of groups o Importance of groups is inherited from the medieval era.  There was an organic view of the world in Europe (this organic vision of itself was transferred to its present democracy) o Cultural context has influenced the preset o There is recognition of the rights of groups. (right to form union…)  These rights are enshrined in law in Europe. o Social market capitalism  The idea that the free market should be seen as a pillar of society ( as a safety net for people) o Union bargaining  Thus, private business needs to play a positive role in society.  France has the most interventionist state in Europe o Prominent French companies were picked by government to be champions. The theory was that if these countries become powerful they would pull up the whole French economy to prosperity.  In Europe society is politicized o Thus, theirs is a view that the government is responsible for society and everything that happens o Neo-corporatism  Democracy, post WWII version of corporatism  Government invites trade unions; associations to sit down and talk until they find a solution that works for everyone.  Therefore, set conditions for all of society o Not democratic, because you exclude a vast majority of the population  On the other hand, it is argued that it was the key to creating social peace and the goals of rebuilding the economy after WWII  By consequence, it resulted in the creation of modern democracy. o Welfare state not geared to helping individuals, but groups. o Constitutionalism  In Europe certain constitutional arrangement favor certain groups
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