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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

FSN101 Textiles I Week 9 Lecture Cellulose Fibres Cotton FlaxOthersNatural Cellulosic FibresCotton flower similar to hibiscus flower in appearanceTurns a pinkred when it maturesEli Whitney created the cotton ginGinning is the process of taking the fibre out of the seed podProduction ProcessGinningLintersCotton seed oilCotton fibers are spun into yarn to make a variety of fabrics The oil is used to make ivory soap The way we describe the shape of cotton is similar to that of a kidney bean The long form of the fibre is shaped like a twisted ribbon This allows for more air space when spinning the yarn High Quality CottonsPimagrows primarily in Arizona California3541 cm Egyptian grows along Nile River in Egypt3844 cm Sea Island grows along coast of GeorgiaWhite lustrous strong fine and uniform3564 cm longNatural Coloured CottonNot environmentally friendlyThe colour natural cotton gets deeper with ageRequired Reading Article Advantages of naturally pigmented cotton very soft in comparison to regular American cotton comes in a variety of earthy shades no dying no bleaching colour gets deeper over time because of the naturally occurring chemicals in waterDisadvantages pigmented fibers are shorter weaker and finerAnytime there is a limited supply the prices riseHow does water hardness increase colour intensity Cotton reacts with calcium in water and the colour becomes deeperFeatures and Benefits of CottonKidney shapedtwistercomfort air spacesHydrophilic o Comfortable o No static o Dye affinity
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