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Lecture 6

Week 6

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Robert Hudyma

Chapter 8- Class notes Case 1, the captains sold medicine and food to Australia and people died during the process of the trip. How might captain be convinced to better care of their human cargo? Undercover person, as a traveler Awards to the captain, who has the most people alive in the end Make the more than one trip Dividend the operates, then just the captains Chile Hyperinflation The price of the good where rising faster and unaffordable During a period of hyperinflation in Chile, the story is told that the government’s impostition of a maximum price made it unprofitable for supplies to sell bread-the legal maximum was beloe the cost of production. If you were a baker, how might you respond? o Low resource cost(outsource) o Low quality o Low wages on the employees o Invest in technology o Reduce the size of the bread What if there was a rustication of the weight? o Sell as a package o They sold the ingredients Euro Disney – Case Study Until 1992, the Walt Disney Company had experienced nothing but success I the theme park business Its first park, Disneyland, opened in California in 1955 Disney in 1986, turned their attention in France, Paris Why Paris? The government o will give them the land o Give 750 million in loans at below market rates o Spend millions of dollars on subways the railroad in Disney board Eg. Brussels will only 90 minutes by train o In 2 hours people can drive and about 17 million people can come o In 4 hours people can drive and about 41 million people can come o In 6 hours people can drive and about 190 million people can come o In 2 hours people can take a flight and about 310 million people can come To summarize To open in 1992, six of study 4.4 billion enterprise over 500 acres and will grow in next years to an area one- firfithSix hotels and 5200 rooms Projections 11 million people would visit in the first year o 2.7 million visit US Disney o European have more vacations, 4 or 5 weeks o They think about 3.5% of the Paris population 11million / 310 million(flight) What would you decide? o Would you go ahead now? Later? Shelve the project? Or any other plan? Would you require any other data for your decision? Which ones?= Feedback for people likes and dislikes Data from other theme parks in the theme parks in Europe More demographics information, and in
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