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Chapter 4

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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Sui Sui

Chapter 4 Organizational Environments and Cultures Study Question1 What is the external environment of organizations 2 What is a customerdriven organization 3 What is a qualitydriven organization 4 What is organizational culture5 How is diversity managed in a multicultural organization Study Question 1What is competitive advantageA core competency that clearly sets an organization apart from competitors and gives it an advantage over them in the marketplace Product pricing customer service cost efficiency qualityThe general environment y Economics y Sociocultural y Legalpolitical y Technological y Natural environmentThe specific environment includes important stakeholders such as y Customers y Suppliers y Competitors y Regulators y Investors Figure 41 Stakeholder analysis of value creation for key constituencies of a business firm an opensystem approachEnvironmental uncertainty y Complexitya number of diff factors in environment y Rate of change rate of change of the diff factors in the environment Figure 42 Dimensions of uncertainty in organizational environmentsStudy Question 2External and internal depend on others work to do their own job customersWhat do customers wantHigh quality low price customer service ontime delivery What are the key customer service lessonsProtect reputation for quality products treat customers right
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