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Global Management Studies
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

GMS-200 Intro to Global Management (11/09/12) Assignment 1; due 25/09/2012; posted on 11/09/2012; submit to turn-it-in and then in class Chapter 1. Camera example;  Minolta had two cameras, first one was low price and having good sales, second one was higher priced with better features but had bad sales.  Minolta introduced a expensive, even better third camera, which made the sales of camera 2 to go up. Because most people chose mid-tier products. What is an Organization?  A collection of people working together to achieve a common purpose. Are organizations an open or a close system? (Pg.12)  Organizations are open systems because organizations need outside resources. People are the most important resources; they also need materials, money, goods, etc to function.  The loop goes; The environment supplies (people, money, ect), The Organization creates(work), The environment consumes(Finished goods)—customer feedback.  Ex/ Silicon Valley, is resources rich for IT companies. Productivity and the dimensions of organizational performance. (Pg. 13)  Effective but not efficient o Goals achieved o Resources wasted  Effective and efficient o Goals achieved o No wasted resources o High productivity  Neither effective nor efficient o Goals not achieved o Resources wasted  Efficient but not effective o No wasted resources o Goals not achieved What is a Manager?  Traditional: Person who plans, directs people and resources  New Organization: Person who directly supports and helps activate the work efforts and performance accomplishments of others. What are the Management levels in a typical organization?  Typical Business (Pg.23) o Board of directors o Top Managers (Chief Executive officer, President, Vice President) o Middle Managers (Division Manager, Regional Manager, Plant Manager) o First-line Managers (Department Head, Supervisor, Team Leader) o No managerial Workers  Board of directors speak for the shareholders, shareholders input into where the company is going. Monitor where the company is going for the shareholders, make sure the company does not make decision that could hurt the shareholders. Sometimes CEO selects the Board of directors, which causes the Board of directors to sometimes not due what they should be doing. Katz’s Essential Managerial Skills. (Pg.30)  Conceptual skills- The ability to think analytically and achieve integrative problem solving. (Must think into the future, where will the company be in 5-10 years-for Top-level Managers).  Human skills- The ability to work well in cooperation with other persons. (Important thru out managers)  Technical skills- The ability to apply expertise and perform a special task with proficiency. Managerial Work  The Process o Planning o Organizing o Leading o Controlling  The Setting  Hectic pace  Interruptions  Interactions  Many tasks  Long hours  The Results  Performance Environmental Uncertainty  Environmental uncertainty is a lack of complete information regarding what exists and what developments may occur i
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