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GMS 200 Lecture Notes - Canadian Human Rights Act, Total Quality Management, Intellectual Capital

Global Management Studies
Course Code
GMS 200
Shavin Malhotra

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The Dynamic New Workplace Chapter One
- Global and increasingly interdependent
- Interconnected through news, travel, lifestyles, media.
- Knowledge based
- Performance driven, expectations are high
- Networked, nations increasingly influenced by internet and IT
- Takes initiative, discipline, and continuous learning to stay in charge
Intellectual Capital
People what they know, what they learn and what they do with it are the ultimate foundations of
organizational performance. They represent intellectual capital: collective brain power or shared knowledge
of a work force. This is the new age of the knowledge worker someone whose mind is a critical asset to
employers and adds to the intellectual capital of the organization.
The worldwide interdependence of resource flows, product markets and business competition. The process is
described as one in which “improvements in technology combine with the deregulation of markets and open
borders to bring about vastly expanded flows of people, money, goods, services and information.
Live in a technology-driven world increasingly dominated by barcodes, automatic tellers, computerized
telemarketing campaigns, electronic mail, internet resources, electronic commerce, and more. Technology is
an indispensable part of everyday operations, there are virtual meetings and distance is not a problem.
The term workforce diversity, describes differences in gender, race, age, ethnicity, able-bodiness, religious
affiliation and sexual orientation among workers. The Canadian Human Rights Act is very strict in prohibiting
the use of demographic characteristics in HR management decisions.
Prejudice, - the display of negative, irrational attitudes toward women or minorities-, or the holding of
negative opinions and attitudes regarding members of diverse populations, sets the stage for bias.
It becomes active discrimination, when women and minorities are unfairly treated and denied benefits of
organizational membership. A subtle form of discrimination is the glass ceiling effect, it is an invisible barrier
limiting career advancements of women and minorities.
..sets a code of moral standards and principles of what is ‘good’ and right in one’s behaviour and vice versa.
Businesses, by law, must have boards of directors that are elected by stockholders to represent their interests.
Society is getting strict and want high moral standards.
Corporate Governance is oversight of a company’s management by a board of directors. Board will hold
management accountable for ethical and socially responsible behaviour by the business.
Shamrock’s there leaves has a different career implication.
( 1 ) Co-workers, (fulltime) pursue traditional career paths, with success and maintenance of skills they can
( 2 ) Contract workers: perform specific tasks needed on a fee-for-service basis. They sell a skill or service.
( 3 ) Part-time workers: hired for only number of hours according to business needs. Training ground or point
of entry when openings are available.
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