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Lecture 2

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Graphic Communications
GRA 743
Chris Kular

GRA 743 – Week 2 Asset Management Digital Asset Management (DAM): • Ingesting, tracking, accessing, describing, recording, repurposing, and transmitting digital media (assets). • DAM systems consist of computer hardware and software that aid in this process Hardware 1. Database server • Operating System • Platform • Speed (CPU(s), (RAM) • Connectivity (backbone, LAN, WAN) 2. Storage Requirements • Capacity • Speed • Redundancy • Expandability 3. Backup • Media • Speed and frequency • Disaster recovery • Mirror data 4. Network • Security (firewall, encryption) • Cabling (cat5, fiber optic, wireless) • Router, Hub, Switches, ISP 5. Protection • UPS, emergency power, surge/brown out protection 6. Insurance • Back up units Software 1. Database software • Capabilities • Expandability • Compatibility • Server or client based • Functionality 2. Backup and Recovery 3. Web server 4. Software firewall 5. MIS for usage tracking 6. Many, many other utilities Other Components to DAM Client need – Without this, there is no point Feasibility – ROI, profitability, customer response Responsibility – Where does the hammer fall when disaster strikes? – Who is
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