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Lecture 3

MHR 405 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction, Machiavellianism

Human Resources
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MHR 405
Frank Miller

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Job satisfaction
- A Pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the approval of one’s job or job
- Influenced by culture
Top 5 reasons for staying in a job.
- The work itseld 78%
- The Co-workers 68%
- The mission and activities of the company 61%
- On the job learning 57%
- Salary Satisfaction 53%
Work attitudes: organizational commitment
Organizational commitment : The strength of an individual’s identification with an organization.
Affective commitment desire to remain
Continuance Commitment cannot afford to leave
Normative Commitment perceived obligation to remain
Employment engagement
State of emotional and intellectual involvement that employees have in their organization
What does this tell us about our emotions ;
- Emotions play a big role/
- Pretty fickle
- Can lead to bad decisions
- Philosophers believe we should be more rational
Individual/Organizational model of ethical behavior
Individual influences
- Value of systems
- Locus of control
- Machiavellianism
- Congitive moral development
Organizational Influences
- Codes of conduct
- Norms
- Role modeling
- Rewards and punishments
Situational influences