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Lecture 4

MHR 405 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Emotional Labor

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 405
Sathy Sritharakumar

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Chapter 4: Workplace Emotions, and Attitudes
Emotions Defined
Psychological behaviour/episodes that create a state of readiness
Emotions occur without our awareness
Two features of all emotions:
o Evaluation (core affect)
o Activation - general internal effort/energy
*types of emotions chart
Mood: long-lasting, not directed at anything
Based on rational logic
Stable for days/longer
Based on responses to environmental
Experienced for minutes or less
Traditional Model: How Attitude Influence Behaviour
Cognitive Process
1. Beliefs (perceptions of attitude object)
2. Feelings (judgment of AO)
3. Behavioural intentions (intentions of AO)
4. Behaviour (behaviour toward AO)
Emotional Labour
Effort, planning/control needed to express organizationally desired emotions during interpersonal
Higher in jobs requiring:
o Frequent emotion display, variety of emotions & intensity
Display norms vary across cultures
Challenges: difficult to hide true emotions, emotional dissonance - conflict between true &
required emotions
Solutions: perceive emotional labour as professional skills, engage in deep acting (not surface)
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